Your Drool-Worthy New York Street Food Guide


Food trucks and stands in New York City serve some of the most well-known street foods in the world. Walking the streets, you can sample new flavors and eat like a local. At the same time, we know that New York's street food and culture are also well-known. The best food trucks and corner carts in the entire globe are also found there. 

Road food is a great way to curb any hunger pangs that may be present in your stomach. Street food has gained more popularity than sit-down restaurants, even though it was once considered the last resort. You'll soon be humming a different tune as we dig into the drool-worthy New York street food, so the next time you are there, you get to eat the best!


1.Waffles and Dinges

Authentic Belgian food was nearly impossible to find in New York City. When Waffles and Dinges arrived in town, that situation changed. Not only does that entail hot chocolate that is generally regarded as the best Manhattan offers, but also crispy waffles covered in sweet, sticky sauces. You need a dose of Belgian sweetness to quench your sweet hunger.

2.The Halal Guys 

The Halal Guys are the absolute best regarding Middle Eastern food. Initially just a few street carts on the corner of 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue, the concept has since grown into a thriving franchise. One bite of their specialty dish, which combines tender chicken with yellow rice, will explain why it tastes perfect when covered in the classic pairing of white and spicy sauce.

3.Ling's Sweet Mini Cakes

With a seller who has been practicing their trade for more than three decades, you may be sure you're in good hands. Chinatown visitors have been treated to delicious delights from Ling's Sweet Mini Cakes since 1982. 

The usual drizzles of chocolate syrup and sweetened condensed milk go best with the morsels, which are technically egg waffles rather than little cakes. That is so tempting; what's not to love?

4.Korilla BBQ

This mobile fusion restaurant will look familiar to viewers of The Great Food Truck Race's second season. Three Columbia grads who shared a passion for delicious food and a shared heritage with the Korean people founded Korilla. As a result, a menu combining the finest of Mexican and Korean cuisine was created, along with an iconic food truck. Find Korilla for the chance to enjoy all three if you need help deciding between a burrito, tacos, or Korean barbecue.

5.Los Tacos No.1

At Los Tacos No. 1, the most famous street tacos in New York are here. You will need to wait in line to get your hands on one because they are available at multiple locations throughout the city. Be relaxed; the effort will be worth it with every delicious bite of tacos. El Toro, El Bronco II, and El Chicken are all tacos that are more well-known taco restaurants. 

6.Devine Flavored Food Truck

West African cuisine can be tasted in the New York street food presented by the Devine Flavored Food Truck. Its ideal location in front of the Nigerian Embassy serves its purpose of exposing the West to traditional African breakfast and lunch fare. A perfect breakfast choice is Akara, which is a cooked bean stick with salt and onions. Lunch should be the egusi, a green vegetable stew.



One of the few vendors in the city selling authentic Mexican food is Calexico. Despite having a Californian influence, most of the meals are directly out of the classic Mexican cooking repertory. Food items, including tacos and burritos, pork seasoned with chipotle, melted cheddar cheese, and bowls of fish, beans, and rice, are available at little carts dotted throughout the city.

8.NY Dosas

The NY Dosas food truck may be to blame for the apparent popularity of Southern Indian food among college students. On a weekday afternoon, students at NYU looking for a quick snack will be charmed by this truck on the corner of Washington Square Park. The fact that NY Dosas have such long lines in front of them proves that these tiny crepes, filled with veggies, are both delicious and ridiculously inexpensive. Vegan dosas, masalas, and warm samosas provide consolation during midterms.

9.Uncle Gussy

One of New York City's most well-known Greek food stands was once just another for pretzels and hot dogs on Park Avenue. Greek specialties, including keftedes, spanakopita, kokkinisto, and other mouthwatering dishes, are served at Uncle Gussy's. These dishes are created using traditional family recipes at this family-run restaurant. Pita bread filled with filling and fresh Greek salads are perennial favorites.

10.Makina Ethiopian Food

Cooking traditions from Italy and Eritrea combine traditional Ethiopian delicacies at Makina Ethiopian Food. This establishment may be ideal for individuals with dietary restrictions due to the menu's abundance of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.  

A bowl of red lentil stew and chicken over injera flatbread is the ideal lunchtime filler for health-conscious people. You will get to sample various exceptional flavors at this food truck, some of which may be your new favorites.

11.Nuts 4 Nuts

Throughout New York, a chain of food trucks called Nuts 4 Nuts is a mainstay in bustling areas like Herald Square and Columbus Circle. They have been in action tenaciously started around 1993 and are the ideal mix of French-cooked pralines. Chestnut and pistachio baking scents can be detected from a mile away.


As we know, New York is famous for its street food and fantastic food taste. Additionally, street food and the culture that goes along with it are well-known in New York. We should also know that some of the best food trucks and corner carts are found there. In the above article, we have covered a few of the best New York street foods you must try out when you are there.

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