Top 10 Luxury Sneakers for Men to Elevate Your Style


Luxury sneakers have taken the fashion world by storm, cementing their place as every stylish man's off-duty wardrobe staple. Combining comfort with an effortlessly chic look, these sneakers effortlessly spice up any outfit.

These sneakers stand out for their unparalleled style, adaptability and lightness, unmatched by casual shoes. These days, the trendiest sneakers are as commonplace in professional settings as they are in fitness centers.

Luxury sneakers are characterized by superior quality made from premium fabrics and materials from renowned designers and high-end brands. While pricey, the impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship make the investment worthwhile.

We've compiled a list of affordable, high-quality alternatives to the best luxury sneakers. With big names like Gucci, Tom Ford and Balenciaga, every sneaker on our list has the potential to be your go-to shoe any day of the week.

Are you pressed for time? Don't worry! Here's our pick of the best men's sneakers on the market today.

10 Must-Have Luxury Sneakers for Men in 2023

1.Givenchy Spectre Low Runner Sneakers

Material: 100% calfskin leather

Sizes: 39-46

Style: Low Top Running

Price: $750

As a giant in the fashion industry, Givenchy has also followed the trend of other luxury brands to enter the field of sneakers.  "Low Runners" is a fan favorite among their various products. Designed to be reminiscent of the classic adidas NMD R1, these sneakers not only exude luxury but also provide comfort.  Made from white perforated leather, the 'Low Runners' fasten with side zips and white Givenchy branded zip pullers.

2.Dior B23 High Top Oblique Sneaker

Material: Oblique Canvas

Sizes: 35-51

Style: Lace-up closure with back tab

Price: $1200

The Dior B23 high top is all the rage, worn by countless trendsetters and celebrities. These versatile sneakers can be worn with different outfits for a bold statement.

Known for its black and white Dior Oblique motifs and sheer panels, the B-23 is given a unique allure by contrasting details and patchwork.

3.Common Projects Original Leather Sneakers

Material: Leather upper with rubber sole

Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 (and European equivalents)

Style: Low Top

Price: $260

Common Projects offers an extensive range of sneakers that can be purchased at various retail sites including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, which displays a more diverse collection.

The sneakers come in traditional colors like off-white and denim, as well as more eye-catching options like the Achilles neon yellow low-top.  The "Achilles Low" is another classic that's perfect for any sneakerhead.

4.GUCCI Sneakers With Web

Material: White Leather

Sizes: 5-15.5

Style: Lace-up closure

Price: $920

All designer sneaker listings will be on par with Gucci. Webbing shoes are all white platform shoes, decorated with the signature Gucci webbing and branding.

The sneakers are a testament to Gucci's pioneering spirit, as the brand was already producing sneakers in the 1970s, when other luxury brands didn't consider them a priority.

5.Fear of God Beige Suede Sneakers

Material: Suede Leather

Sizes: IT 39 and 40 (different styles and sizes available at other locations)

Style: Round Toe Low Top

Price: $243

Known for its collaborations with Nike and Converse, Fear of God offers a collection of timeless and refined sneakers. The beige suede low top is versatile for both work and casual occasions, and other color combinations and sporty styles are also available through their collaborations.

6.Prada America's Cup Soft Rubber and Bike Fabric Sneakers

Material: Fabric / Rubber

Sizes: 39-45

Style: Laced Shoe

Price: $750

Prada offers more than 100 sneaker options, ranging from low-tops to basketball-inspired designs in colorways reminiscent of Nike styles like Air Jordans and Dunks.

7.Dolce and Gabbana Portofino Light Sneakers

Material: Leather

Sizes: 24-38

Style: Low Top

Price: $395

The Dolce and Gabbana Portofino Light sneaker stands out from the crowd with a unique design that captures interstellar vibes.  The 'Portofino' has a sporty feel, decorated with '70s-inspired details, vibrant colors and branding.

8.White Logo Patch Low Tops

Material: Cotton and rubber sole

Sizes: 39 IT, 40 IT, 41 IT

Style: Front lace-up fastening

Price: $330

Designed by the legendary Virgil Abloh, the Off-White sneaker blends streetwear with style for any runway or pavement.

Their diverse sneaker collection features a variety of styles that will stand out wherever you go.

9.Louis Vuitton Trainer Blue

Material: Plastic

Sizes: US 7-15

Style: Low Trainers

Price: $1060

Look no further than these bold blue Louis Vuitton sneakers. Their dynamic design is reminiscent of the ice blocks of the Arctic Ocean.

If you're planning to spend $1,000 on luxury footwear, why not choose a bold, unique style that will make you stand out from the crowd.

10.Maison Margiela Black Replica Leather and Suede Sneakers

Material: Lambskin Leather

Sizes: 39-47 IT

Style: Low Top

Price: $395

Maison Margiela has been at the forefront of luxury fashion since 1998.  "Black Replicas" are a must-have for every fan of the brand.

Inspired by statement pieces from the '70s, these sneakers are crafted from Italian leather and suede for a clean, durable finish.

If cared for properly, they can last for many years. In addition to the black color scheme, Maison Margiela also has brown, white and gray color schemes worth considering.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Premium Sneakers

Before you buy a pair of designer sneakers, consider these seven key points:


As expected, price is a major factor in luxury sneakers. While the investment is worth it if you wear them regularly and they last for many years, keep in mind that sneakers usually go out of style within 1-3 years. Determine the value based on how often you plan to wear them and how durable they are. Make sure you really like these sneakers and plan to wear them often!


Designer sneakers from brands like Gucci are notoriously more expensive than Nike or Adidas. But many other brands also offer high-quality shoes, such as Common Projects. Avoid buying sneakers just because of the brand name; discover other well-known brands.

  Wearing Frequency

Think about how often you wear your sneakers. If they're more of a style statement than an investment, go for the sleeker options. If you're looking for a long-term investment, choose classic and timeless sneakers over current trends.


Think about where you'll be wearing your sneakers with what you'll be wearing. Will they complement most of your wardrobe or are they reserved for specific outfits? You may also need work boots if work is considered. For example, Red Wing Shoes offers a wide range of work boots.

  Dress or casual

If you plan on wearing sneakers primarily for formal occasions, choose an elegant pair of black or white leather sneakers, which can also be worn casually with jeans and a T-shirt.

  Color and design

Think about which colors and patterns will work best with your wardrobe. Do you need a neutral pair to go with all your outfits, or do you prefer a more dramatic style when you're adventurous? When it comes to investing in objects, stick to classic colors like black or white. However, casual designer sneakers can be more creative when designed to be flexible and balanced.

  Size and comfort

Finding the right size is crucial, as luxury sneakers often come in unusual sizes. Be sure to try them on before buying, and check to see if a wide or narrow fit is available depending on the style of the shoe. If lace-up sneakers aren't your thing, opt for an adjustable design for the perfect fit. Remember, even with the high price tag, comfort and confidence are still top of mind when choosing a sneaker.


Luxury sneakers have become an integral part of contemporary fashion, combining style, comfort and exclusivity. When considering investing in a high-end pair of shoes, it's crucial to weigh factors such as price, brand, versatility, and personal preference.

By carefully considering these aspects and ensuring that sneakers match your style and needs, you can make an informed decision and upgrade your wardrobe with a pair of timeless and sophisticated shoes that make a statement and provide long-lasting value and enjoyment.

The perfect luxury sneaker should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle while boosting your confidence and sense of style.

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