7 Best Luxury Travel Destinations for Private Jet Owners in 2023


Imagine soaring in the skies of ultimate luxury, sipping champagne, reclining in plush armchairs, and flying to the most exclusive and breathtaking destinations in the world.

This is the reality for private jet owners, who enjoy a grand flight experience and unrivaled access to secluded islands, secluded resorts and hidden gems that others can only dream of.

While money does not guarantee happiness, it opens the world of owning a private jet and with it the keys to an unparalleled travel experience.

But which destinations can you explore on a private jet? Where can you travel this summer?

Not to worry; we've explored some of the most beautiful and luxurious destinations for private jet owners.

This blog post explores the most popular private jet destinations and what sets them apart.

So read on and let us take you on a tour of some of the most coveted luxury destinations that can only be reached by private jet!

7 Most Luxurious Places for Private Jet Owners

As you embark on a journey to discover seven of the most luxurious destinations for private jet owners, let's delve into the essence of luxury that defines these extraordinary destinations.

These incredible locations offer unparalleled luxury, world-class amenities and an unmatched level of privacy.

From stunning scenery to exquisite accommodations and personalized service, each location on this list has been carefully selected to indulge the senses and cater to the whims of the world's wealthiest travelers.

So buckle up and get ready to explore the epitome of luxury and sophistication in the sky.

1.Paro, Kingdom of Bhutan

As a private jet owner, you can explore the hidden gems of Paro in the majestic Kingdom of Bhutan. This picturesque valley town offers an unparalleled experience of luxury, culture and natural beauty that will captivate and keep you coming back.

Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, Paro International Airport is known for its challenging yet exhilarating landings. Aboard a private jet, you'll soar exhilaratingly near mountain peaks, taking in breathtaking views that few travelers get to experience.

Private jet travel allows you to bypass the political stopovers and lengthy permitting processes that tourists from certain countries typically require, ensuring a seamless journey to this fascinating destination.

In Paro, visit the impressive Paro Taktsang, also known as the Tiger's Nest Temple on a cliff. From this sacred site there are glimpses of the region's spiritual heritage and panoramic views of the lush valley below.

Luxury accommodation in Paro caters to the discerning tastes of private jet owners. Choose from sophisticated resorts and boutique hotels that blend traditional Bhutanese architecture with modern comforts.

Paro, Kingdom of Bhutan is a luxurious oasis for private jet owners seeking extraordinary and authentic travel experiences.

2.Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is a remote and fascinating destination in the southeastern Pacific, famous for the moai statues erected by the ancient Rapa Nui civilization.

This stunning island offers a unique and unforgettable experience for private jet owners looking for luxury and exclusivity. Unlike business travelers who must spend the night in Santiago, Chile, private jet owners can fly direct to Easter Island from Lima, Peru, or any other desired location.

This level of comfort allows passengers to arrive in style and explore the wonders of the island. Easter Island offers high-end accommodation such as Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa and Explora Rapa Nui, offering unparalleled comfort and service.

The island's main attraction, the Moai statues, can be explored with a private guide for an intimate and educational experience. Additionally, the island is rich in natural beauty, including spectacular cliffs and white-sand beaches.

Private jet owners can enjoy the allure of Easter Island with unparalleled intimacy and sophistication, luxurious accommodations and unique experiences while flying in comfort and style.

3.Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai, Hawaii, once known as "Pineapple Island," is a dream destination and a hidden gem for private jet owners looking for an idyllic vacation in unique and stylish style.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Cindy Crawford have long cherished this stunning island for its unspoiled beauty and luxurious accommodations.

Business travelers need more direct connections from the continental US to Lanai and must rely on ferries and transit to reach this remote paradise.

However, private jet owners can avoid these inconveniences by flying direct to Lanai, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey to this unique resort island.

Lanai offers luxurious accommodations to suit the refined tastes of private jet owners. There are two world-class resorts on the island, Four Seasons Resort Lanai and Four Seasons Resort Lanai.

Lanai's pristine setting, deserted beaches, rugged terrain and lush tropical forests provide the perfect backdrop for private jet owners to indulge in a variety of activities.

Lanai, Hawaii is a luxurious haven for private jet owners seeking a unique and tranquil getaway.

4.Barts, Caribbean

Saint-Barthélemy or St. Barts is a luxury getaway for the Caribbean elite. Private jet owners can arrive in style without the need for a boat or shuttle flight from St. Maarten. The island's Gustav III Airport is known for its extreme runways and steep hill descents, only accessible by select aircraft, making the experience even more unique.

St. Barts has pristine beaches, designer boutiques and a great nightlife. High-end accommodation caters to private jet owners, including luxury villas and boutique hotels. The island also has world-class restaurants serving French and Caribbean cuisine.

Favored by the famous and wealthy, St. Barts offers activities such as sailing, designer shopping and upscale spas. Nightlife on the island includes exclusive beach clubs and trendy bars, perfect for mingling with the international elite.

St. Barts is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity for private jet owners looking for unforgettable experiences. A unique airport, luxurious accommodation and a vibrant social scene make this island an extraordinary haven for those who demand the best.

5.Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a stunning Arctic Circle archipelago, offering private jet owners a unique and fascinating destination. The dramatic scenery, stunning northern lights and rich Viking heritage of these remote islands make them secluded and luxurious getaways.

Commercial airlines offer limited options to the Faroe Islands, but private jet owners can enjoy a seamless travel experience with direct flights to Varga Airport. Despite their remoteness, boutique hotels such as Føroyar Hotel and Havgrim Seaside Hotel 1948 offer luxury accommodation.

Visitors can explore the island's dramatic landscape, including towering sea cliffs, waterfalls, quaint villages and otherworldly rock formations. Directly connected to Varga Airport, the Faroe Islands offer exquisite accommodation and countless opportunities to explore the island's rugged beauty and rich history, providing an unforgettable experience for private jet owners looking for unique destinations.

The Faroe Islands offer private jet owners glamorous and luxurious getaways with extraordinary scenery, rich history and the solitude that only personal travel can provide.

6.Anguilla, Caribbean

Anguilla, the tranquil British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, offers private jet owners an exclusive haven with pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and a relaxed atmosphere. With the island's Clayton Lloyd International Airport unable to handle commercial flights from the mainland, Anguilla remains an ideal destination for a luxury vacation.

Private jet owners can fly directly to Anguilla, avoid ferries or connecting planes, and land just minutes from beach resorts.  Resorts such as Belmond Cap Juluca, Malliouhana and Zemi Beach House offer luxury, privacy and first-class service. Guests can enjoy spa treatments, fine dining, water sports and stunning scenery.

Anguilla's pristine coastline provides a stunning backdrop for relaxation, while the vibrant local culture and rich history can be explored through art galleries, historic sites and dining experiences. Private charters provide access to secluded coves, offshore reefs and superb snorkeling spots for an unforgettable adventure.

Anguilla offers private jet owners a luxurious private retreat characterized by captivating beauty and exclusivity.


Known for its rich culture, spirituality and breathtaking scenery, Tibet offers a unique experience for private jet owners. A private jet accessible via Kathmandu, Nepal provides a luxurious and seamless journey to this fascinating destination.

Commercial airlines service the Nepal-Tibet route, while private jets provide personalized service, visa support, and simplified paperwork for a hassle-free experience. This convenience allows tourists to immerse themselves in the wonders of Tibet without worrying about logistics.

Luxury accommodations such as the St. Regis Lhasa Resort and Shangri-La Lhasa are aimed at private jet owners, offering luxurious comfort and exceptional service amidst Tibet's natural beauty.

Private jet owners can explore Tibet's cultural heritage and spiritual traditions at their own pace, visiting famous sites such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and awe-inspiring monasteries with personalized tours and expert guidance.

Tibet is a captivating and luxurious destination for private jet owners seeking an extraordinary, immersive travel experience characterized by rich culture, spirituality and breathtaking beauty.


As the owner of a private jet, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy the finest accommodations, explore breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in different cultures, all while traveling in style and comfort.

The only limit is your imagination, so take to the skies and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

These seven destinations offer luxury, privacy and bespoke experiences. So if you're thinking of taking a private jet to a destination this summer, consider one of these spots.

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